Save time and headaches with features that work for you

We've refined Kuro with a focus on simple features that benefit your team and add utility, not complexity.

Self Enrolment is simple and easy

Self enrolment saves a lot of time for both learners and administrators. Mix and match self enrolment, guest enrolment, invitation only and even password protected courses to suit your needs.
Customise the enrolment form to collect all of the information you need from your learners.

All of your training data, all of the time.

Information is power, and we're giving you all of it. View all of your learner and enrolment records from a single, focused dashboard.
Know where your people are up to in their training in real time, including detailed SCORM activity.

Build or Bring Your Own Courses

Create engaging modular courses with quizzes, text, forms, video embeds and SCORM content. We have all the tools you need to create and update courses.

Unlimited Administrators

Provide administration tools to your staff to view and manage learners and courses.

Completion Notifications

Send email notifications out when a course has been completed.

Sell Your Courses

Whether you're selling courses through your store page, or distributing courses sold elsewhere - we've got the tools you need to monetise and share your knowledge and experience.

Connect Organisations

Connect organisations to share data and organise training across different business units or sub-contractors.


Completion certificates are provided by default and can be reliably used to physically or digitally verify a user's completed course.

What our customers are saying

"We use Kuro to train our people, but to also provide our training to our clients. The easy administration tools allow us to distribute and track progress of our learners."

Dustin Bennett

"We’re a small team spread out over multiple locations, so being able to buy courses and get our people to complete their training online has made learning and development easier for us."

Stewart Anderson